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From whole-home builds to partial renovations, Pisgah Mountain Builders will go above-and-beyond to make your dream project a reality.

General Contractor

At Pisgah Mountain Builders, we are a licensed and insured local general contractor with a record of pleasing customers in Asheville, NC and its surrounding areas. Do you need a commercial or a residential contractor? We offer customer-pleasing services.


As a general contractor, we serve as the head contractor on a construction project. Do you need a general contractor for your home addition or home restoration project? Our services include residential construction management.


When you hire a head contractor like us at Pisgah Mountain Builders, you get a professional labor supplier with its own complement of employees that can bring on a contingent of subcontractors to provide additional services. We coordinate the whole project to ensure every aspect of the project gets done in a timely manner. Our project management capabilities, and the quality of work performed by our employees and subcontractors, enable us to finish projects on time without exceeding the budget.


We offer a wide range of general contracting services from partial remodeling to full residential and commercial building services. We take ideas from the planning phase to the finishing phase. Our supervisor is always present onsite to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly according to the agreed plan. As part of our general contracting services, we:


• Perform Project Management Work

• Work Closely with Subcontractors

• Coordinate and Monitor Schedules, Cash Flows and the Budget

• Keep Project Records in Order

• Secure the Property

• Clean Up and Dispose of Construction Waste


We simplify the building experience for you while handling every aspect of the project. Our general contracting services include labor, materials, and equipment required for completing the project. It is our responsibility to inform clients about what they need to know, and to advise them as needed.


At Pisgah Mountain Builders, we are ready to be your general contractor in Asheville, NC. Connect with us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Remodeling Contractor

Do you want to a property upgrade by reinventing one or more of its features? As a reliable remodeling contractor, Pisgah Mountain Builders of Asheville, NC is here to serve you. We specialize in providing home and business remodeling services that boost value with attractive new improvements. Our remodeling business excels at completing customer-satisfying remodeling projects.


Remodeling has become a major part of our construction business at Pisgah Mountain Builders. In today’s economy, many people would rather modernize what they have than move to another place. A remodel can change existing features or spaces, and boost energy efficiency with green building features.


We take pride in improving home and commercial properties with innovative solutions. Do you want to make your property more attractive or boost its functionality to match your present needs? We enjoy working on new projects that require creative solutions, whether they involve changing the spatial layout of an area or some other change. Our professional home improvement services include:


• Green Building

• Roofing and Siding

• Painting

• Home Additions

• Kitchen Remodeling

• Bathroom Remodeling

• Cabinetry and Countertops

• Tiling and Flooring

• Staircases

• Decks, Patios, Pergolas

• Stonework

• Other Interior and Exterior Features


We handle every phase of the remodeling process. You can rely on us whenever you need a remodeling contractor for any type of remodeling project. We specialize in turning ideas into reality and transforming places. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience helping clients like you are reflected in our ability to help you realize your wishes.

Make us at Pisgah Mountain Builders your remodeling contractor in Asheville, NC. We offer creative solutions for every project and budget. We can help you transform your property to become what you always wanted.

Custom Decks

Are considering adding a deck to your home to enjoy your Asheville, NC property? We can help you with a partial modification or a new deck. At Pisgah Mountain Builders, we are experienced in building custom decks and constructing custom deck modifications. As a professional deck contractor, we are familiar with the different factors involved in proper custom deck construction.

At Pisgah Mountain Builders, we offer creative custom deck building and custom deck design services. Properly constructed decks are enjoyable investments. We take pleasure in constructing custom decks that realize our clients’ wishes. We take numerous factors into account in designing and constructing a deck.


Because safety is vital in deck construction, you need an experienced deck builder who keeps safety in mind when constructing your deck. Even when made from a fire resistant material, its height makes any deck potentially dangerous. Proper construction is necessary for safety.

We are familiar with local deck construction regulations and have the experience to ensure a well-constructed and durable result. Whether you prefer using a wooden or a composite material, we know how to construct what you want within your budget. There are many possibilities to consider for a deck that matches your home, lifestyle, preferences, and budget. If your budget is limited and you already have a deck, you can save money by constructing it on your present deck’s frame.

Get in touch with us at Pisgah Mountain Builders to discuss your project. We know how to build attractive and durable custom decks in Asheville, NC. Take advantage of our experience and high standards to build your new asset.

Kitchen & Bath


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